Why Choose Cary Skin Center?

We are experts in treating skin cancer. Our physicians and team of healthcare providers focus exclusively on performing Mohs micrographic and reconstructive surgery.

Experience – over 55 years performing Mohs surgery

With over 55 years combined experience as Mohs surgeons, our physicians are one of the Triangle’s most experienced Mohs micrographic and reconstructive surgical teams. Our physicians are board certified dermatologists, Fellows of the American Academy of Dermatology and Fellows of the American College of Mohs Surgeons.

Safe and cost-effective treatment – high cure rate, no extra fees

Mohs micrographic surgery offers the highest cure rate (up to 99%) for selected skin cancers. It is performed in an outpatient surgical suite utilizing safe local anesthesia.

We do not charge Facility Fees or Technical Fees. Cary Skin Center is not affiliated with any hospital or ambulatory surgical center (ASC). The majority of our repairs following Mohs surgery are completed in our outpatient surgical suites, thus eliminating additional surgery charges, ASC fees and Facility Fees.

Facility Fees are the result of changes in the Medicare rules to provider-based billing. This change allows hospitals (and any hospital-owned physician practices and surgical centers) that meet certain federal requirements to bill separately for the facility as well as for the physician services.

NOTE:  Most insurance plans do not cover Facility Fees, thus the patient is responsible for payment resulting in higher out-of-pocket costs to the patient.

To learn more about Facility Fees, click here

Training – ACMS fellowship trained surgeons

Our physicians are Fellows of the American College of Mohs Surgeons (ACMS). They successfully completed a rigorous program, including a 1-2 year intensive post-residency training and participating in at least 500 Mohs cases including advanced reconstruction and complex surgical cases.

There is a significant and notable difference in Mohs fellowship training programs available, click here to learn more

Pinehurst Office Serving Central NC

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Scheduling Appointments

Please call our office to schedule an appointment. Patients are seen on an appointment basis only.  Based on your need, we will make every effort to schedule an appointment as soon as necessary based on the nature of the problem.

The following information is necessary to schedule an appointment:

Photo of Biopsy Site

Help us identify the location of the skin cancer by providing a photograph for reference. Please take the photograph as close to the date of the biopsy as possible to ensure visibility. Mark the site on the photo by drawing a circle around the lesion so we can easily identify the area. 

Send site photos via email to photo@caryskincenter.com only. Type the patient’s date of birth and patient's initials in email Subject line. Send photos via email a minimum of 2 business days prior to appointment.

Patients may also bring a photo of the site, with the site location marked on the image, on the day of surgery.

We are also happy to assist you in obtaining a photograph, please call us at (919)363-7546.

Referral Form

You may use our Referral Form or you may use your own form.


Pathology Report

Fax a copy of the pathology report to (919) 363-3616.

Body Map

You can help us identify the location of the skin cancer by indicating the location on a body map and faxing to (919)363-3616.

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