Online Evaluations from Cary Skin Center

Cary Skin Center – one of the largest skin cancer treatment centers in the region for over 21 years – now provides telehealth visits for skin cancer concerns.

Experiencing skin cancer symptoms that concern you?

The Dermatology Provider Will See You Now: Online Evaluations for $75 from Cary Skin Center

Receive Online Evaluation for Skin Cancer Concerns Such As:

  • Abnormal skin growth
  • Sore that does not go away
  • Changes to an existing skin growth or mole

For your convenience, Cary Skin Center offers care through online visits on DermatologistOnCall®. Our telemedicine platform mirrors the in-office appointment with our dermatologic providers you would normally experience, but is available from the privacy of your home.

Whether you are practicing social distancing, have a busy schedule, or just can’t get into the office, online visits make access to Cary Skin Center faster and more convenient than ever. Our health care providers offer the friendly, compassionate care all our patients have come to expect, as well as complete information about your condition and treatment – online and on your time.

Benefits of Our Online Dermatology Visits

  • Set up an online visit for yourself, your child, or another dependent.
  • Consult a Cary Skin Center provider immediately – no appointment needed.
  • Get a diagnosis and treatment plan in 3 business days or sooner.
  • Triage rapidly into our office sooner if necessary.

Because many skin cancers develop where they can be seen, there is a good chance of catching them early. Regular examination of the skin for any new or unusual growths, or changes in existing moles is critical. If you find anything suspicious, you may want to have a telehealth visit with one of our providers who are qualified to recognize the signs of skin cancer and diagnose the disease.

We do not accept general dermatology telehealth visits like concerns for acne, dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema.

We assess skin cancer concerns, like an unusual skin growth or sore that doesn’t go away. Skin cancer may initially appear as a nodule, rash or irregular patch on the surface of the skin. These spots may be raised and may ooze or bleed easily. As the cancer grows, the size or shape of the visible skin mass may change and the cancer may grow into deeper layers of the skin. It may be difficult to differentiate one form of skin cancer from another, so you may want to have a convenient telehealth visit with one of our providers if you notice suspicious or evolving marks on the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does an Online Dermatology Visit Cost?

The cost of an online visit is $75. The cost of the visit is paid at the time of service using a credit or debit card. This fee includes the diagnosis, personalized treatment plan and if applicable, prescription routing to your pharmacy. The fee does not cover the cost of the prescription(s) or the cost of any follow up visits.

Is This Service Covered by Insurance?

This visit is reimbursable through your Health Savings Account (HSA), Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA). There is no guarantee of coverage through your regular medical insurance. Likewise, for Medicare there is no guarantee of coverage. Please check with Medicare or your insurance plan to determine your specific level of coverage.

Insurance claims are not submitted through this service, however, you can use the forms conveniently provided for you in your online account to submit your claim to Medicare or your insurance provider.

How Soon Can I Expect a Diagnosis?

After you submit your patient info and your photos, you will receive a diagnosis in 3 business days or sooner, typically in less than 24 hours.

What If I Need a Skin Biopsy or In-Office Procedure?

If your provider determines that an in-office procedure is needed, our staff will assist you in scheduling an appointment in our office as soon as possible. Additional visit costs or insurance claims will apply.

Are My Personal Health Information and Photos Kept Confidential?

Yes! Our online platform is secure and 100% HIPAA and HITECH compliant.

How Do I Access A Claim Form Or Receipt?

  • Log into your Online Patient Account

Please submit a copy of your Visit Receipt with your claim form.

Before You Begin

By using this service you are confirming that you understand and agree to the following:

  • Depending on the nature of your complaint or condition, it may require in-person care and/or insurance-based visits that are an additional cost to you.
  • You may be asked to follow up, in person, with your regular dermatologist or healthcare provider, or asked to find a dermatologist or healthcare provider to follow up with in person. These visits may be an additional cost to you.
  • You may not receive a definitive diagnosis.
  • You may receive multiple potential diagnoses, or a “differential diagnosis”.
  • This service is a convenience, therefore, based on the above, refunds will not be given.

Telehealth Disclaimer
Call 911 immediately or go to the nearest emergency room if you believe you are experiencing a life-threatening medical emergency.

You are agreeing to have a telehealth consultation. Telehealth is the practice of medicine using electronic communications technologies. Telehealth consultation services are provided by Cary Skin Center providers. When you use these telehealth consultation services, you will enter into a provider-patient relationship and be treated by a provider who is licensed in North Carolina. The providers, in exercising their professional judgment, reserve the right to deny care for any reason, including instances where provision of care would be medically or ethically inappropriate.

Getting treatment through a telehealth consultation offers certain expected benefits and has certain potential limitations and risks. Expected benefits include easier and quicker access to medical care, and the ability to access care from many locations. Potential limitations include the remote provider not being able to fully resolve your issue through a “Store-and-Forward” telehealth system, and lack of provider access to your full medical records.

You have other options for care. You can obtain care in a traditional in-person care setting. By agreeing to have a telehealth consultation, you acknowledge that you have reviewed these benefits, limitations, and alternatives, and you agree that you consent to a telehealth consultation.