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Your doctor has referred you to our Skin Cancer Center because the type of cancer you have requires a specialized surgical technique, Mohs Micrographic Surgery, to ensure the highest possible cure rate. Please explore the Skin Cancer Center to learn more about the types of skin cancer, treatment options and prevention tips.

Reconstructive Surgery

About “Reconstuctive Surgery”

Following the removal of your skin cancer we will discuss with you the options for repairing the surgical wound. The surgical wound will be repaired by stitching the edges together or by using a skin graft or skin flap. These repairs are usually, but not always, performed on the day of your surgery. Occasionally, we must delay the repair until the next day.

Our doctors are extensively trained in surgical reconstruction. This includes basic closures, and more complicated skin flaps and skin grafts. They perform hundreds of these procedures each year. Our goal is to provide you the best possible cosmetic result after the removal of your skin cancer.